Top 10 Ways to Effectively Grow Your Email List

Keeping your company’s email list fresh is more important than you might realize. Without proactive measures on your part, an email list will become stale over time. After all, people change their email addresses, abandon accounts, and unsubscribe from email communications regularly.

By chipping away at growing your email list, you can maximize its potential. Not sure where to begin?

There are all kinds of practical and effective ways to start growing your email list today. Here are the top 10 ways:

QR Codes

You’ll agree when we say QR Codes are everywhere. And, rightly so. These days, more marketers are finding success using QR Codes to grow email lists.

Specifically, this is done by adding unique QR Codes to a wide range of marketing materials, such as:

digital business cards, print ads, flyers, signs and banners, billboards, and receipts. These QR Codes encourage people to scan them with their smartphones. From there, users are prompted to enter their email addresses or any other information marketers wish to collect.

QR Code marketing is especially effective when brands offer consumers something in return for their email address. This can include a special coupon code or discount.